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Let’s talk to you about TIME and how you can mold and expand it to help you grow your business.  Did you ever stop to think that we all have the exact same amount of time in the day as Beyonce, or Elon Musk? It’s crazy as we tend to put them into this category of their own “Superhuman” species, but in reality, they have 24 hours each day – just like you and me. 

So what allows them to build these giant empires? And if we rewind back in time to when they first started, how did they actually get it all done so they can create success in the first place?

I firmly believe that time is energy, and that we can shape it to our advantage if we are truly intentional about our time each and every day. What does that mean? If you know exactly where and how you spend every minute and hour of your days, you can make the conscious decisions to focus on the important things that bring you joy – and ultimately, growth.


I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I have developed a system that has allowed me to be a full-time mom of two young daughters, a small puppy AND created a 6 figure business in only 6 months – while managing it all.  I live a life that is ultimately stress-free, and I feel every week like I am growing and developing as a person, a woman and as a professional.

Here are my tips on how to grow your business, by being intentional and scaling your time.



Since you know we all have 24 hours in a day. I invite you to break out your days by removing the time you currently spend sleeping or being with your family or significant other.  In my case, I’m left with approximately 10 hours a day.  I know in my business, I need at least 6 hours to fulfill my projects and commitments each day. And then I see that I have another 4 hours to spend freely. This is where we usually make decisions to watch a little too much Netflix… instead, I take an extra 2 hours in the evening to work ON my business (not IN) and work on marketing or other projects. That leaves me 2 hours a day…which I then spend on self-care, yoga, meditation…and then maybe a good read or a show. Another thing to mention, is that I spend at least 1 hour everyday in the car, and in that time, I only listen to podcasts that help me grow my knowledge on a subject I’m learning about – so none of my time is wasted and I can utilize every moment for growth and joy.

I invite you to do this too and see if you have any “wasted” time that you can reallocate to doing things that matter to you and your growth.



The next thing is to break down the tasks you do spend your time on weekly and measure the return you get on your (time) investment. For instance, if you can estimate what your hourly rate would be (time value) – let’s say for example it is $100/hour – then the time you spend on those tasks should be able to bring that back to you in sales / income at a minimum.  If it doesn’t, you may want to think about delegating tasks that eat up a lot of your time and bring you less results.  For example, you may need to delegate your social media or inbox management to a Virtual Assistant for 5 hours a week, while you instead focus that time on getting new clients and serving your existing clients even more deeply and planning your business growth strategy! This way your incredibly valuable time as the CEO of your brand, is spent on the most important tasks that help move the needle in your company. In the long term, this will bring in more sales for your business and you will be doing what you love most.

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The last thing you want to do is take time either on Sundays or Monday mornings to list all your deliverables and goals for the week and organize each task per day, along with the estimated time it would take to complete.

So if you know (based on your time audit) that you have 6 hours for business tasks (projects / clients) and 2 hours for your own marketing growth – then you can plan accordingly.

This helps you ensure you don’t overbook yourself each day, and you can finish your week feeling accomplished – instead of defeated and “behind the ball”.

I also recommend that you try to book your meetings and calls only on 2-3 days during the week, and leave yourself 2 days free from any distractions to really dive deep into your work. This will really help you be more productive and have a clearer mind to think better and be more creative when it comes to your own projects and deliverables. Another great tip is each day to do the “hardest” thing first – get it out of the way and then get to the rest with a feeling of accomplishment. 

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Listen to the podcast first as I walk you through how to use it!

I know many of you might be growing a side hustle or startup and perhaps you only have 2-3 hours per day to dedicate to your business. The same rules apply for this too – just do your time and your task audits – then plan your days accordingly with intention.  Make it a mission and a priority for you to cross off every task on your list! 

You will see, at the end of the week, you will have gotten so much done in your business, you will feel proud of your accomplishments, and you’re going to wonder “how did I find the extra time”? The truth is, you always had the time. You just didn’t know how to leverage and mold it to your full potential.  Realizing that time is ENERGY and all you have to do is be conscious of it and how much your time is worth – it will change the way you work every day and help you to accomplish more in a short period of time to grow your business faster.


Hoping this helped realign your time management strategy to help you scale your time & grow your business!





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