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What We Do

We offer a full-service team at a fraction of the cost. You can choose between full or part-time hours and not have the hassle of payroll and taxes and other additional costs that come with hiring your own internal staff.  Our assistants are trained to do many different things from creative to tech and marketing – so you don’t have to worry if your work cannot be done efficiently by your new Bloom Virtual Assistant. We got you!

  • Schedule & calendar management
  • Website updates (standard)
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Basic graphic design, marketing materials – Canva / Adobe
  • Client liaison and customer service
  • Consultation or intake screening
  • Technical support
  • Newsletter design and management
  • Social Media Management 
  • Community Management
  • E-book design & document prep and manuals 10 pages or less.
  • Online research
  • Basic Video editing
  • E-com product loading and order management

Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs to build successful businesses – starting with you.

Our Bloom Virtual Assistants are trained to be your ultimate teammate.

From managing your ever-flowing inbox and calendar to scheduling appointments, research, adding leads to your CRM, updating your website and social media, all the way to marketing tasks, community management and client liaison – your Bloom VA will be your best kept secret in no time.

Furthermore, your Bloom VA is highly adaptable and is capable of learning with you to take on any task that you would need support with.  All of this, for a fraction of the cost for you to hire an employee.


Need A Virtual Assistant?


Schedule a consultation call so you can tell us about yourself your business. You can select between a full or part time BLOOM VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and we will find the best fit for you. You can cancel anytime.


Your membership gives you access to your full or part-time BVA so you can work together on the schedule and plan that you put in place. You will see how quickly your new BVA will become indispensable to you!


See the progress you are making and feel the joy of having more time to do the more important tasks for you - from meeting with new clients to spending more time with your family. We got you.

Choose Your Plan

Select the Monthly Plan (Start up, Part-time or Full-time) that best fits your business. Or if you are not yet sure about to committing to weekly hours, sign-up to our on-demand option.


$ 40
  • The Min : 5 Hours
  • Start up : 10 Hours
  • Part-time : 20 Hours
  • Full-time : 40 Hours
  • Billed Bi-Weekly


$ 60
  • On Demand Hours per week - not on plan.
  • Daily Requests
  • Billed Bi-Weekly

"I was so overwhelmed starting my business, and then I found Bloom Virtual Co. From setting up my email system to learning the intricacies of Shopify, on top of actually designing and creating our products, I knew I needed help. Ashley worked to understand my brand, chat with me about ideas, and together with my new VA, we were able to hit the ground running to get our brand launched in 2021. I'm so happy I found you! My VA always goes above and beyond to help me create amazing digital experiences for our customers!"

Katie – Founder, SONDAY The Label

  • Cost-Effective (save 70%)
  • Perfect English & Multi-lingual
  • Pre-Training included
  • Flexible Availability
  • Variable Cost. No contracts
  • Quickly scale up or down
  • Full time or part-time
  • Save on payroll and taxes
  • Clear Communication tools
  • Clear Productivity tools
  • High Retention of your team
  • Transparent pricing
  • Quick 48-72 hour startup time
  • No setup fees
Clear Communication

We offer clear communication via the productivity app and efficient results for the goals you put in place. You and your new assistant can communicate and plan forward with the tasks you need done on a weekly basis via phone or video call – or you can chat via the messaging app! We are your dedicated team and we truly care about your business growth and success.

Are you ready to bring on your new Virtual Assistant?


Your Bloom Virtual Assistant is a dedicated team member who will be an incredible help to you and your business moving forward in many different ways. Although your assistant is working virtually, you will feel that he or she is there for you anytime you need. Your BVA will work to know your schedule and methods very quickly and will be able to anticipate your needs and be a tremendous value to your company – allowing you to focus on what you do best and grow your business!

Depending on if you choose part-time or full-time, your BVA will be available at the times you agree upon together and you will be able to communicate daily together and plan out your daily, weekly and monthly goals, so you have the support you need.

Your BVA can do so much!  From managing your ever-flowing inbox and calendar to scheduling appointments, research, adding leads to your CRM, updating your website and social media, all the way to marketing tasks and client liaison – your BVA will have the skills to do what you need. All of our team members are highly capable and ensure that all communications with you and your clients or suppliers are always timely and professional. Furthermore, your BVA highly adaptable and is capable of learning with you to take on any task that you would need support with.  All of this, for a fraction of the cost for you to hire an employee.

Absolutely! You will have a main dedicated Assistant and a support system of one or two other Bloom Assistants to fill your team, depending on the specialized services your need. Your dedicated team will learn your business needs and how to best support you. You will see very quickly how much your new Bloom team has become incredibly valuable to you and your company!

We take the time to apply our vetting process to all our team members, they are then trained and we ensure that we pick candidates that are capable of doing the work you need in a professional and conscientious way. Your BVA will be apart of your new daily life and will feel like they are just nearby – the virtual aspect of the partnership will in no way affect the productivity of your team and mission.  Our team is managed by our Toronto based office, and we can always help if something needs to be escalated.

Of course. We do our best to choose the right fit for you and your company, but in the unlikely case that you don’t feel it is, please contact us and we will find your another BVA that better meets your needs.

Yes. We know things can change in life, sometimes very suddenly, thus we have a policy that you can cancel at any time without penalty. We simply ask that you provide 30 days notice so may arrange for alternate work for your BVA.

If you exceed the hours of your plan for that month, it is not a problem. You will always have a snapshot of the time used by your BVA and he or she will work to stay within that frame. However, there may be certain months and projects that require more work and hours needed. If this happens, any additional hours will be charged at the hourly rate.

No, your monthly fee is the only fee we charge.

As a monthly membership service, our team are scheduled to be available to you when you need for the hours contracted. While each part-time or full-time plan works as a membership subscription, our plan hours do not rollover. The goal is fill up the work and get the most value from your BVA each month.

Our team works standard business hours, Monday through Friday and are not required or expected to work on weekends or after 6 p.m. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before/after business hours, your Bloom Virtual Assistant will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them. If your project requires different hours or schedules, including nights and weekends, we are happy to discuss and make a plan that works!

Our team observes major Canadian holidays. We try to maximize the productivity of our all our Virtual Assistants during work hours, so major holidays are usually a good time to also give them the opportunity to rest and be with family and friends.  Our team is part of our family and therefore their health and happiness are a top priority!

Absolutely!  Your new BVA can takeover phone calls, schedule appointments, coordinate meetings and manage your calendar with simplicity. We can support Google Calendar, Outlook, and others.  All you need to do is share and grant your Virtual Assistant access to manage your calendar and this task if off your hands!

Of course!  Your Bloom Virtual Assistant can contact suppliers, clients, vendors, make reservations, and place phone calls for you.  We will ask only that you provide specifics so that we always communicate the way that you want for your company and brand.

Yes, we take them too!  Again, the goal here is to establish parameters, provide FAQ and pre-noted responses and we are happy to accept your calls and record them in your CRM system for you to review.


Yes! Your Bloom Virtual Assistant can read, send, delete, organize, filter, and create rules for messages on your behalf. It’s a great way to stay on top of email and keep your inbox tidy and your mind clear.

Of course. Your Bloom Virtual Assistant can use Google Presentations to format and edit personal or business presentations with your provided content, images and detailed instructions.

Your BVA will happily find you an excellent bookkeeper or CPA. However, due to the diverse tax laws and potential liabilities, our Virtual Assistants are unable to provide assistance with Quickbooks or other accounting tools.

Your BVA is very capable of doing basic design work and daily website updates on your behalf. Our team also works in collaboration with our sister company ALLWOOD AGENCY for any larger scale design project – such as website design, e-commerce, photography, video creation and marketing design. Although your BVA will not be doing this work directly, he or she will be able to manage the design team to ensure all is done to your specifics and results are beyond your expectations. Note that working with ALLWOOD AGENCY is a separate service that your BVA will work to get the quotes you need to proceed with your creative project. It’s that simple!