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So much more than a branding agency

Let’s Bloom Together

Our Mission. To help you Create, Strategize, Launch & Scale your Brand – with intention.

Bloom Virtual Co was created as a safe space where passionate entrepreneurs like you, can dream as big as you wish and feel seen, understood and most of all, supported.   Now, you have a creative and dedicated team to work with and help make your dream business come to life. 

Whether you need guidance with your Brand Strategy, or wish to develop a Brand Identity Design. a new Website, plan a Content Marketing Strategy or hire a Virtual Assistant to help you in the weekly grind, we’ve got you.  Our mission is to be your “dream team” in all things business & brand growth. 

We serve and support clients in Toronto & around the world



I’m Ashley, and it’s such a pleasure to have you here.  

A little about myself. I’ve had a passion for fashion, design, architecture and graphics for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I was dreaming of a career in fashion – I ended up working with one of Canada’s best fashion creators as well as later working as a Creative Director & Editor for a luxury fashion & design publication. I was immersed in creativity and loved it deeply. I then co-founded a Branding Agency which grew quickly and took care of many large scale brands in Canada.  However I always had in my heart that I wanted to help entrepreneurs succeed in the business world. My dream was to marry my passions for branding, creativity and storytelling to my practical and analytical skills in business to really make a difference and help entrepreneurs launch and grow their dream companies. 

Over the years, I’ve been able to develop my own method of Holistic Branding. When working with new clients, we often begin with a Brand Strategy Session (or many) – a coaching process which helps to clarify the overall vision of the company, and ensure that the strategy is fully in alignment with the client’s purpose and long term goals. I have found that many entrepreneurs have fabulous ideas, but they lack a holistic strategy to bring their ideas into action. This is what we do together within the Brand Strategy stage. 

Then my team and I begin to develop and design the Brand Identity and visuals for our clients, this can range from logo design, brand and product photography, website design all the way to various marketing assets and social media templates. Everytime we begin a Branding and Web Design Phase, we look at the brand holistically and understand the long term goals of each client to build a framework that works for them. 

Once the Branding side is complete, we then move into what I like to call the Evergreen Setup Phase – in which we plan the lead generation strategy for their brand and arrange the newsletter system, freebie design, online product set up, welcome and nurture sequences – as well as plan an evergreen content marketing strategy to help our clients succeed in their marketing efforts – to generate more authentic connections and leads online.

We’ve worked with countless small business-owners just like you create and grow their businesses through my Holistic Branding & Marketing Method. We’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with entrepreneurs in Canada, the US as well as in France (as I’m also french-speaking) and we are excited to keep growing and serving more business-owners to help them attract their dream clients, increase their profits so they can live the life they love and deserve!

If you’re new here, I would suggest you start by checking out our Journal – a place where were share lots of great tools and tips for business owners – or listen to my Brand Bloomprint Podcast – you can get to know me a bit better that way too.  Otherwise, if you’re ready to dive in and start working together to grow your brand, I’d love to hear from you – let’s book a Discovery Call here.  Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m glad we found eachother!

Xo Ashley

Founder of Bloom Virtual Co.

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