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How to clarify & write your brand Mission and Vision


We are big believers in planning and creating a Brand that has a long term vision. When you know to your core why you do what you do – and in what capacity you will be able to serve in 5-10 or 20 years from now – this is where the magic happens. This is why we want to show you how to write your brand’s MISSION and VISION to grow your business

When first stepping into any Brand Identity project, we know the most important thing for that client’s success is how clear the company’s founder is with her’s or his mission & vision. When an entrepreneur doesn’t have clarity about their goals, then creating a gorgeous logo and brand design or website is not going to be enough to sustain growth and success. 

And because we’re in the business of creating brands that succeed and grow – I love to bring my clients through this process – and want to show you exactly how you can define your own brand’s Vision and Mission for your business. Maybe you have one already – or perhaps you kind of feel stuck. No worries, my hope is that you can gain some insight here today.

First question you might be wondering is – “What is the difference between a Brand Mission and a Vision? It’s actually quite simple, the mission statement is what your brand aims to serve your clients and HOW you will achieve it.  Whereas the Brand Vision defines how you see your business growing long term and how you will serve into the future. 

Let’s dive into how to write your brand’s MISSION and VISION to grow your business.



Your Brand Mission should be short and to the point. It should tell your customers how and why you are serving them in a concise and captivating way. Many businesses use their Mission on the front page of their websites, or they mention it in their ads or videos or marketing materials. The goal is to choose words that penetrate through the noise and lead straight into your target audience’s “ears” or catch their gaze.  This is why defining your target clients is so important so you can really understand what their needs are and what words you could potentially use to communicate your incredible service.

For example, if we look at our business – Bloom & Co, you’ll notice that I have our mission statement right on the front page. 

“We work with ambitious business owners to create compelling brands and captivating web experiences that help them succeed.”

It’s concise, it’s clear – and its short. 

An example of a mission statement what would be too long and unclear is… 

A web development company that aims to create great websites and branding for our clients. We also have a Virtual Assistant team to help support and scale our client’s businesses.

Although this second option is somewhat clear, it is too long and is lacking some motivating words that would attract my ideal audience .

My suggestion would be to make list of words that motivate you and would resonate with your audience’s values, and see how you can craft a short sentence that is formed in this way.

We work with ____________ to create ______________ in order to ________________.

Keep in mind that a Brand Mission MAY evolve over time. You might decide to launch a new line of products or services and then you could tweak your mission statement. This is completely for you to plan.


Your Vision Statement is truly how you see yourself AND your brand in 10 -15 or more years. How do you see your company scaling and in what direction are heading long term? I see a lot of business-owners who are a little stuck here because they are focused so much on the present, they are maybe overwhelmed with their current state of work and projects and it’s sometimes hard to see beyond what comes next. But it’s crucial for you to know – as your brand’s captain – where you are steering your ship and why. 

This not only motivates you everyday to keep going and growing – but it can also be a great source of inspiration for your team – no matter how big or small.

Think long term, use your imagination – let yourself dream

A great way to visualize this is to put together a Vision Board for your Brand. Seeing images put together will help you put into words where you envision going and how you will be of service at that level.

For some of you, you may envision yourself growing your businesses into the multi-millions, working from around the world, being a speaker in front of live audiences or launching a best-selling book. You may be envisioning global distribution for your products, or you may be looking to scale to a certain size so you can serve clients at your highest capacity.  The truth is, the possibilities are endless and it all starts with you. So I invite you to write out your vision statement and keep this close to you and your team. Put it as a screensaver on your desktop or print and frame it in your office. 

That way you can have it motivate you and ensure you’re staying on the right path every day – making sure you are taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

We hope this article helped you to see how necessary it is for ALL businesses to have a clear Mission and Vision to be successful in this world and grow their businesses. Alignment is key when it comes to planning a Brand Identity Design – so if you are thinking of working with a design team to build your brand – make sure you have these points clear. You can also listen to the first episode where I talk about Defining your Target Audience. 


Need Brand Strategy to help align your goals with your overall brand vision? We invite you to book a Brand Strategy session! Learn more here.

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In the meantime, we hope you gain deeper clarity into your business goals and vision for your brand – and that you don’t limit yourself to dreaming as big as you possibly can.

The BLOOM & Co team