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How to Attract your ideal Clients

Today I want to talk to you about 5 different ways you can attract your ideal dream clients.  I know a lot of my clients have asked me this and it seems to be a common question for many of you – so hopefully what I mention resonates with you and you can implement these tips in your business to help attract the people who love and value you – who appreciate you and what you offer them and it can bring a snowball effect into your business.



Now, the problem a lot of people are facing is that they’re attracting clients that may not be the right fit. And because they’re not necessarily in complete clarity with their own brand, they are taking these clients on and these projects on. And after a little while they kind of sit back and say, “Wait, this doesn’t feel right”. “This is not the kind of work that I want to be doing. These are not the kind of people that I necessarily should be serving”. So when you come to that realization, you can then press pause and step back a little bit and reassess if you’re really attracting the right people. Here are our top 5 ways to attract your ideal dream clients.



Now, it all starts with you, your energy. And this might sound a little woo-hoo for some of you, but hey, I really believe in the law of attraction, if you want to call it that, or the power of your subconscious mind and just literally the vibe you put out as a human on this earth. Right. And it really starts with you, your thoughts, what you have in your heart, and how you perceive yourself in this world and in your business.

So the very, very, very first thing I would suggest is to look inside of you and ask : “Is my own vibe a reflection of the type of clients I wish to bring into my world?” If you want to attract a certain people, a certain type of person, will you have to look inside of you and say, “Well, am I being that person too? Or am I am I exuding this energy? Am I putting out this vibration? If I really want positive, loving, happy, joyful, abundant clients? Am I being that way? Do I put out this energy, that joy, that abundance, or am I perhaps living in a more fearful state or having various distractions or stresses taking over you on a daily basis?” Right. And that’s totally normal. Like life is life. But if you have a practice for yourself that allows you to get grounded, to get centered and free to every single day, inch closer and closer to that person that you really see yourself as, you know, maybe you have a vision board of yourself, or maybe you have some Pinterest boards online of the type of person you know you you want to become and that you’re working towards every single day, right? So if you kind of do a little self check and assess that energy that you’re bringing into your own space, into your own world, well then most likely the type of clients that you want to bring forward are perhaps in alignment with your own values. At the end of the day, your brand, it’s you, right? It starts with you and your energy.



Now you need to really define who your clients are and who they like, what they believe in, what are their values, what are their dreams, what are their aspirations, what are their problems, and really understand who they are. Right? You need to define who your ideal client is. You need to create an avatar for them, almost paint a picture or or, you know, create a little persona of who that ideal client is. Is my ideal client a woman? Is she between a certain age? Where does she shop? What kind of income does she make? Does she have kids? And now I’m just making an example of a woman. Speaker1: But it can be it could be anything, right? It could be anybody. It’s just for you to define who that client is and really make it as specific as possible. And even to the point where, you know, let’s say you make a vision board for yourself, well, make one for your client and your ideal client and the ideal type of people that you wish to attract in your space and in your business. So by knowing who they are, you can then understand how to communicate with them.



Next you need to make a list also of what their pain points are – what are they struggling with. Try and level with them in your head as you’re imagining who these people are. And you know, you may have been through these problems that they’re facing. Right. And these pain points that they’re they’re living with right now, these struggles, these issues that they’re living with. You might have gone through the same thing and you can relate to these people. And you now, because of your experience, because of your expertise, you now can actually help them and really think about what are the ways that you can help your ideal client. It’s really just to connect from from your heart and really understand their struggles and how your business, how your amazing business can serve them. And essentially that that’s what business is. It’s all about service, right? Whether you’re servicing your clients through a product that you make or knowledge that you provide, if you do like online courses or this sort of a space or if you offer services, it’s it’s all about serving your clients and taking them from a position of where they need this assistance or they need this product to a place where they have it and you’ve made their lives better because of it.



Now, you need to also know where your clients are spending their time, right? If we’re thinking of I mean, we’re here now because, you know, this is my cup of tea branding web online experiences. This is what we do all day, every day. And when we’re trying to reach new clients and build our audience and and really reach out to new people, we need to understand where our clients are spending their time. And because you did that research and you created their avatar and you probably realize that my clients are probably maybe a little bit like me. Well, take a look at where you’re spending your time online, right? So if you spend a lot of time on Instagram or on YouTube or on podcasts or on Pinterest or any sort of online platform, well, chances are your ideal clients are probably doing the same thing. It’s it’s pretty possible. So at this point, you should probably want to make a list of these places online where your clients might be hanging out.

  • Facebook Groups
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Tik Tok
  • Other platforms



The next tip that is of high, high importance is really to create a brand that visually resonates with your audience, right? So first it’s got to resonate with you. You’ve got to be really, really, really excited about the brand visuals that you create. And it’s also got to really connect with your audience. So for instance, if your branding or your brand is at a higher price point and you really want to target that luxury market and you want to resonate with them, well, you have to understand, well, where are your clients spending their money currently and what are the type of brands that they love and see? Well, your brand also needs to represent that luxury aesthetic.

So think about the type of fonts and the type of visuals and imagery and colours that you would need to have for your brand that will really resonate with the aesthetic that your ideal clients also love. So the first thing that I would suggest is for you to put together this. Either you could use magazines or you can also use Pinterest. You can create a board that you bring in all the visual inspiration that you really gravitate towards. So this could be pictures of people, spaces could represent some colors, fonts, logos, packaging, anything that you see that you’re just like, “Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous. This really represents me and my vibe”. And once you have a sizable amount of inspiration put together on this board, you’ll be able to take a step back and kind of look at it, look at all of it and say, “Well, there’s a pattern here.” The colors and the fonts and the type of aesthetic that that that I, you know, I’m choosing a lot over and over again and and then you can pull out and create something that’s really unique to you. Right. And this is this is the point where you would you would then connect with a graphic designer or brand agency (or if you have the time and the capability to do it yourself, all the power to you!) But at least now you will have that clear direction and inspiration as to what direction to head to. And so then you can create a beautiful visual brand that will resonate with you, make you excited every single morning. When you get up, you’re like, Wow, I absolutely love my branding. I’m excited to put it out into the world. And and really that’s what we’re doing it for, right? Like it’s about waking up every day and loving our business!

Great Branding goes a lot deeper than just creating pretty visuals. As you know, you can have a great logo and beautiful pictures, but if your brand isn’t connecting to your audience on a on an emotional level, if you’re not really serving your clients, if you’re not really creating a solution to their problems, to their struggles, well, you will have trouble attracting your ideal client.

That’s the key. That’s what you need to focus on. So it’s a balance of everything.  It’s a balance of your branding, your look, your message and and that service that you’re providing for your ideal clients.

Hope these tips help you to gain more clarity as to how you can attract your ideal clients!
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