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Why Holistic Branding is so important to grow your business

It’s true what they say – that your brand is not your logo.

Instead, your brand is a combination of values, service, voice, aesthetic – and ultimately an energy that attracts your ideal customer to you.

But how do you create an authentic and irresistible brand? We believe that branding is a holistic approach in which you need to see the bigger picture. It’s important to look at where the brand or founder is coming from – their story, their purpose – their “why”, and uncover the essence of the values they wish their brand to represent. Not only this, you also need to ensure that your services – or your offers – are in alignment with those values, and also ensure you are providing that transformation to your customers. The next is looking at the brand’s personality and voice – to really define what your brand needs to sound and feel like, so your message resonates with those ideal clients. Additionally, you need to look at your brand aesthetic (this is where the logo and imagery comes into play) and have a creative direction that is inspiring for you and your audience. Then finally, you need to ensure your customer experience is authentic and the energy is right from the moment your ideal client enters your brand space, until the time they buy your product or service and beyond.

This is all part of what holistic branding is all about. Are you curious about diving in more detail and applying our tips for your own business? Keep reading.



When defining your brand story, the first thing you should do is dive deep into the WHY behind your inspiration or desire to create your company.  Are you clear about the reason you are doing your business and is this story being told within your branding. Our tip is to start by writing out why you do what you do, what have you lived in the past that has brought you to where you are today – what is your transformation journey? Then you can also clarify the story of transformation you hope to offer your clients through them experiencing your brand. This is also the part when you define who your ideal customer is and create your dream customer avatar so that all your branding work from this moment forward will speak to and engage this target audience with authenticity.



The next step to take is to think about what you are offering your ideal customers to achieve this overall transformation through your products or services. What are the problems your clients are facing and how does your offer provide the best solution. This is also where you can conduct market research and identify the gap in your industry so that you can craft the perfect offer that will resonate with your audience and provide them with the solution your clients are dreaming of. What is your overall business strategy and how will your clients not only become clients of your business – but remain long term fans of your brand? Having a clear strategy in place is one of the most important parts of your brand creation process.



Now that you have clarity about your brand’s story, purpose, ideal clients and offers – now we can move into your brand identity design. This is where you establish the overall aesthetic of your brand and the type of logo, fonts, color and imagery that would best suit your business to attract and inspire your ideal clients. As you can see, logo design is third on this list because you really need to define your brand strategy before being able to create an identity for your business to communicate that message. You also need to be mindful of all the imagery that you use to represent your brand – such as company photos, portraits, stock shots and product images – and ensure these all are in alignment with the creative direction of your brand. This is why working with a professional brand photographer is so important when creating your visual assets to build your website and other marketing materials.



The next part of the holistic branding process is to look at your customer experience and how you wish for your client to FEEL when they enter your brand space. This can be through your social media channels, website or any other marketing materials. You need to ensure you craft an experience that is reflective of your brand values, so that you clients feel amazing from the moment they become aware of your business and enter your brand space, all the way to the time they buy your offer and beyond that too. Craft a journey your clients will take from start to finish and ensure that each step along the way is a reflection of your brand.

We hope this provides you with some clear actionable tips and processes to help you build an irresistible brand that attracts your ideal and loyal clients.  As you can see, branding for us, is a holistic journey that we take with all our clients. It’s more than just designing a logo and a website. Although these are incredibly important pieces of your business – crafting a long-lasting and successful brand requires in depth thought, planning and execution.

If you are looking to work with a team that can guide you through each step of your brand journey, reach out to us and book a Discovery Call. We would love the opportunity to create with you and help you build your dream business.

xo – The Bloom Team