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Today I want to talk to you about how learning to reprogram my mind and low vibrational beliefs changed my life, and my business. I, like so many, was raised with a limited mindset about money, growth, and financial independence. I never really wasn’t shown as a child or youth just how powerful we are as creators of our own realities. I’ve read so many books about this (remember when the Secret came out?) and really tried to grasp the concept of visualizations, but it honestly didn’t all connect right away. And to be honest, I still had a lot of fear.  

But it wasn’t until I read “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy 3 years ago, that I actually understood the fundamental truths and framework that connects us with our subconscious minds.. Then I started learning more from Dr. Joe Dispenza and the brain’s Theta state – diving deeper into this type of connection with self and making it more science-based then “woo woo”.

I was able to follow the guidance and silence all the noise in my head which at the time was filled with fear, worry, angst and restlessness. Instead, I replaced this mental space with thoughts and visions of my dream reality, my income, my home life, my growth and an overall sense of peace.  I created this imaginary world inside my head, that I was able to access at any time – and I sat with it every single evening as I let it soak deeper in my subconscious. Certain things that seemed impossible, began to manifest exactly as was written in my story. The kinds of clients I wanted started coming to me, my monthly sales grew over 50% within 2 months as I started this practice to reach the number I had in my visions.  I started feeling like there really was power in this signal I was putting into my subconscious. And because my mind was filled with so many new abundant thoughts – my low vibration mindset simply vanished. 

It’s been a beautiful balance of self-awareness, gratitude and visualization. And it has helped me realize that our success is about so much more than the day-to-day grind. How much work we can put into the day, or how much time and energy we put into marketing etc. I believe a huge part of success is our abundance mindset.

Let me guide you through some steps you can take today to raise your thought vibration so you can manifest your dream business (and life)!


At the very beginning of my business journey (and to this day), I kept a journal in which I wrote all the positive things that were happening on a daily basis. For instance, if I got a new client inquiry, or if I receive a great testimonial or feedback online. Anything positive and great, no matter how small, I gave gratitude for. It helped me to see how many amazing people I had around me, and how many positive things were happening in my life and business. As the weeks and months passed, these “gratitude lists” got even bigger and more impressive – and I was present and aware of the growth at each step.

So I invite you to do the same, get a notebook, something physical that you can write in. And at the end of each day – take a few minutes by yourself, reflect on the day, and list 5 things that happened in your business that you are grateful for.



The next step in this process is to allow yourself to dream big. Believe that the sky is not even a limit for you. Imagine where you want to be in 6 months and write out every single part of that reality that you can clearly see and make it as specific as possible. In this story, you also need to write it in the present tense. So you are saying I AM, and I HAVE…and not “I will” have.

For instance, in the context of business manifestation, you can include : 

  • You dream clients and projects
  • Your income
  • Your daily schedule
  • Travel 
  • Press and recognition
  • Financial planning
  • You can also add things like homelife, personal goals etc.

The key here is for you to write a story that you believe is true. When writing your story as a 6 month vision, I feel like it’s far enough away that you can believe such growth can happen in that time, but it’s close enough that you won’t say things like “I am living on a yacht in st tropez while my business runs itself” When realistically, what actions are you taking now to make this happen?!

I suggest writing this story on the computer so you have a digital version of it. As you may want to change certain things and details as you go along. So it’s nice to have this easily editable and then you can print a copy to have at your bedside, and have on your mobile device too for easy access.



Now that you have your unique story written, the next step is to visualize it and program your subscious mind. To do this properly, it’s not just about reading your story over and over again and telling yourself how much you believe it.

It’s actually about reaching a Theta state (or as close as possible to it) so that your energy has a direct connection to your subconscious mind. As you go about your day to day life, you are living in your conscious mind. Your regular thoughts, conversation – even affirmations. Researchers have found that we reach this Theta brainwave state, when we meditate, and also right before we fall asleep. Because I’m not the best meditator, I decided to do this : each night, before going to sleep, I read my future story and I do my best to actually memorize it by heart. Then as I’m drifting off into a sleep state, I am simply repeating the story in my head…and thus in that moment of transition into the subconscious mind, the story gets imprinted every single day even more.

That’s why what you watch or read or think about before going to sleep, is so incredibly important and powerful. You shouldn’t be watching stressful shows, or thinking about negative things in your life – as that energy will imprint into your subconscious.

So I invite you to try this. After you write out your story, in the evening, when you are drowsy, either take some time to meditate and visualize your reality through meditation OR, allow yourself to fall asleep as you imagine your dream reality. Bask in your future vision nightly and give immense gratitude for your life.


This is powerful stuff. I know as entrepreneurs we have been dreaming about our businesses for a long time, and that having an abundance mindset is probably the most important factor in reaching our goals.  We need to stay in high vibration in order to keep creating such amazing products and services for the world.

I hope this assists in some way to help you create an abundance mindset so you may grow your business and reach for the stars. You are the creator of your life.