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What are the main differences and how to choose what’s best for you.

After many years of being in business, I realized that having, training and managing employees can sometimes be draining. The time it can take to put ads on job boards, interview, hire, train, then manage the person’s moods and personality within the company…left me many times feeling exhausted.  I came to the realization that finding amazing self-motivated Virtual Assistants and Contract Workers is a much simpler and effective way of managing a “behind the scenes” team. 
Right now, with so many businesses becoming web-centered and requiring a lot more digital interaction and marketing, a dedicated Virtual Assistant is an incredible addition to any team. In case you were wondering some of the benefits and comparisons between hiring a VA and an employee, here is a little breakdown.
For starters, a Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative and creative services to clients while operating remotely. They are able to access necessary planning documents and software from their own computer and are available for daily or weekly meetings via phone or video call.
An Employee is someone who is under a contract of employment for either full or part-time hours and has recognized rights and duties. They work from the company’s office during their scheduled hours and exchange their time and work for a salary.
How can hiring a Virtual Assistant save you money and time over hiring an employee?
Virtual Assistant 
No employee-related taxes, paperwork, insurance, holiday pay, sick leave
No extra office space, computer, phone, stationery
Paid only for the time they take on the task of project
Self-motivated and accountability 
Ability to stay on schedule due to them running their own business
No training period – highly skilled in various services provided
Employee Comparison
Must pay out payroll taxes, insurance, holiday pay, sick leave
Must provide office space, computer and materials needed
Paid via salary of hourly rate
May need motivation and difficult to hold accountable
May waste time at work
Often requires a training period – limited skillset
It’s clear to see the differences between the two and why it would be beneficial to start thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant! I’ve seen so many benefits and how VA’s  have become indispensable to so many business owners. Also, when starting out and being an Entrepreneur or running a Small Business, you sometimes dont have the money to hire an Employee on a full or part-time basis, and maybe hiring a Virtual Assistant is a better option for you. 
Either way, depending on the nature of your business, you will need to determine the pros and cons between the two and see what is best for you and your business! We suggest you sit down with a pen and paper and write out a list of items you would like to delegate and outsource. This will help see clearly what items could be performed Virtually and perhaps others not. 
BLOOM & Co can help you find the most amazing Virtual Assistant to have on your team and help you grow your company. After-all, it is our mission to help make women’s businesses bloom!
xo Ashley