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Hey ladies, we know it can be difficult to even begin with the process of creating the branding for your new business! It’s important to note that “branding” is not just about your logo and color choices. Far from it! The concept of your brand’s identity takes in account the entire philosophy, personality and beliefs of your new company (and you!). 

Before you can think about a logo, you need to understand what your story is. How can you convey your message and your brand ideals to your community and how will this translate into your website, photography, logo, business cards etc? There are lots of questions to ask yourself, and we’ve laid everything out in a simple 30-Step Process.

Our goal is to empower you to understand branding from the inside out, and to actually plan it out on your own. You can do this! So grab a coffee (or a glass of wine) and get started!

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The BLOOM & Co team