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Do you want to know why your website isn’t translating into new clients? There may be a variety of factors that are influencing your visitor’s decision not to proceed with a sale, but one of the most common reasons is they don’t understand the transformation.

What I mean by Transformation, is that your ideal customer needs to fully grasp HOW their life will be changed for the better, after experiencing your brand offer.  Many times people build websites like a big infomercial  site – detailing their biography, services and rates etc, which is great – but the reader is visiting this site not understanding “what’s in it for them”.

Our mission in business is to serve our clients – no matter what we do whether we are selling a product or a service – we are serving. That’s the most important thing to remember when building a great company. And this energy needs to be conveyed through the copywriting of your website so that your visitors are 100% convinced that the offer you are selling is exactly what they are looking for. Here’s how to plan this out in three simple steps.




The first step is to understand your ideal customers and really pinpoint what their key struggles are (in the context of the offer you provide) To provide an example for the following points, we are going to work with the example of a nutritionist business. In this case your client’s struggles may be weight loss, energy depletion, eating habits and so on.  In this case your objective is to determine what your client’s top 5 common struggles are and ensuring what you will be offering them will effectively address those key problems. If ever you are having issues with this step, we would recommend booking a Strategy session with our team to get clarity on your brand.




The next step is to describe how your product or service (in this case we will take the example of the nutritionist service) is going to be transformative to your client’s lives. So take each struggle point and then write out how you will take your customer from point A (Struggle) to point B (Transformed). Your ideal client needs to look at your website and feel like it is completely aspirational, that your copy and your images completely inspire them to be a better version of themselves, and they feel like you connect with them on an emotional level because you get what they are experiencing. You want them to feel like what you are offering them is exactly what they need to transform their lives for the better.  So keep in mind that this key transformational phrase is likely something you will also want to use on the front page of your website so it is very clear what your brand offers as a whole.




Now there may be other businesses out there that offer this sort of transformation / offer to a similar target audience as you, so the next step is an important one. Next I want you to write what makes your offer different and unique to anything else on the market. Do you have a specific method that you created from the inside out? For example if we use our nutritionist, perhaps this business could have developed a unique weight loss program that is completely different from all other diets and that has its own set of rules and structure that can only be found if following their program.  So in this case, this uniqueness needs to be communicated via copy that goes straight to the point and addresses HOW your offer is completely different from the rest.


Most of the time we find a low-conversion website is experiencing a lack of sales due to the fact that the visitors and potential customers it receives just don’t feel communicated to. They are simply not convinced that what this business is offering is for them. They don’t understand the transformation and benefits of purchasing the product or service and they also do not see why they should be purchasing from that business vs another company.  So before investing in additional advertising, marketing channels or other ways of getting more visitors to your website, we suggest addressing the bottleneck issue at the source. Review your website with a fine tooth comb – and ensure that you are applying these principles to your website’s copy. Something I also touched on and is equally important is your site’s visuals. You want your potential clients to see themselves in your photos. So having strong brand photography and supporting stock images to represent your brand is highly important to convert your visitors into buyers.



So to recap, you need to understand your clients main struggles, define how your offer will transform their lives and also list what makes your offer unique. Keep in mind that the communication on your website needs to feel like you are talking directly to your ideal client…like you understand their issues and how you will be helping them achieve the transformation they are looking for. This is what ALL the major brands in the world focus on in their copy and their brand imagery. No matter how big or small, a successful business knows how to connect with their customers. So think of your website as a place to connect with their emotions, and less of a place to inform them about how great you are. It’s always about them, and how well you can serve them.


We hope these tips will help you create a high-converting website! 

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The BLOOM Team