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Let’s Bloom Together

Our Mission. We are focused on supporting women entrepreneurs who are seeking admin, creative or extra support to make their dream business bloom. Our vast expertise and trained virtual assistants can work with you to do pretty much anything you need and allow you to breathe better. Tell us about your company, your needs, and we will match you with the right assistant for the job! If ever that person cannot do something in particular, we have a team of support staff that can jump in whenever needed to get you the right results.

Our hope is to take some of the pressure off, to allow you to breathe and focus on your own growth. Do you need email support, web updates, social media management, client liaison? Whatever it is, we are here to help you take the load off – and do it beyond your expectations!



Bloom & Co was founded by Ashley King, Creative Director at ALLWOOD AGENCY, based on her personal experience with previous businesses needing to get the additional team support that she was looking for, at a more efficient cost and return. She knew that working virtually, depending on the business tasks, can be an incredible way to achieve flow and results for certain areas of business.

This grew to seeing the need that many were having of looking for great talent but having a hard time managing the ins and outs of the employee hiring and training process. Ashley knew that the model of training our own virtual team was the key to solving so many of these staffing problems. In business, we are only as good as our team – and this is why it is our mission to make team-building a breeze for you.


Schedule a consultation call so you can tell us about yourself your business. You can select between a full or part time BLOOM VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and we will find the best fit for you. You can cancel anytime.


Your membership gives you access to your full or part-time BVA so you can work together on the schedule and plan that you put in place. You will see how quickly your new BVA will become indispensable to you!


See the progress you are making and feel the joy of having more time to do the more important tasks for you - from meeting with new clients to spending more time with your family. We got you.

Only great things can happen when women succeed.